Generative OpArt
ONE Chromatic Radiation Preview

An eye-bending experience of unreal abstract impressions

A contemplative journey into the unseen world around us. Exploring the visual & sensory effects of artificial light & color, inspired by the intangible.

'ONE' is my first NFT collection, currently being released on Foundation & Async.
ONE Entangled Reality Preview
Inspired by the intangible, each piece employs precise juxtaposition of colors & shapes to challenge the intricate ways in which the human eye perceives.
Through simple harmonic motion, this vector-based series gives the art a binary dimension, oscillating between simplicity & complexity, reality & illusions.
Anthony Esebag Chromatic Radiation Gallery Display
'Subtractive Reality' is a dynamic artwork released on Async. It is made of master (seen here) as well as 7 ownable layers (individually sold as NFTs). Collectors are invited to influence the art by subtracting layers from the art itself.

Inspired by my original artwork Entangled Reality - a controller & a background were added to the original piece, giving collectors the possibility to drastically influence the final appearance of the piece with over 10000 possible variants.

Give it a try yourself by clicking here, or view it directly on Async with the link below.
ONE - Unbounded Magnetism - Preview Image
The collection is available on Foundation & Async: